Bingo Night

Bingo - it's the game that's sweeping the nation.
You don't need to be a pensioner to enjoy bingo, you just need to be ready for the Best....Night.....Ever....

Bingo Details - What you can expect next time we roll the numbers

What will the  night involve

Baked  Ham

Lots of Bingo games, plus other special games. Plenty of Prizes.

Dinner (TBC but will include a Vegetarian/Vegan option)

Drinks - Beer, craft beer, wine, soft drinks, pre-mix spirits

Bingo  Dabber

What do you need

Purchase your Entry / Dinner ticket in advance which includes your Bingo Ticket Book and 1st drink.

On the night, purchase any additional Bingo Ticket Books, Dabber and get ready for FUN.

Everything you need to play will be included in the Card/Dabber bundle.

Bring a large supply of humour as it will be a night full of laughs.

Who can come

Family and Friends of SWU. We've got plenty of room.

Tables of 10 can be arranged however play will be individual. Children are welcome however it's suggested that 11 and over are best suited to be able to keep up with the Bingo numbers.

Any 'Bingo Regulars' will need to curb their expectations of the night, as most of us will be novices (so the games will be a little slower than what the Pro's push out).

How to play Bingo

You start by paying for your cards (generally you are charged by sets of numbered cards). A novice might start out with one card but you will see experienced Bingo players with numerous cards spread in front of them. These cards are always marked in a grid pattern, with each square containing a number.

A caller will draw random numbers and call them out and players will mark off the number if it appears on their card. Different patterns and goals are used in games for the win but two are most common.

The standard games will award the winner to the first player who has marked every number on their card and shouts "Bingo".

Some special games may have the win awarded for complete lines vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Shout "Bingo" loud and proud, as long as you are the winner. The "Walk of Shame" back to your table after realising you have made a mistake can blot your reputation !!

What can I win

The sky is the limit. Last year saw DC's 'Wheel of Crap' dish out some really rubbish prizes, however there's Cash Prizes for most rounds.

Each game has a winner, and there will be plenty of games in your playing card bundle, so there'll be plenty of winners on the night.

And hey, as we always say (when we don't win), just by turning up, you're all winners.

Bingo  Game  Sheet

Special Note

SWU follow the Responsible Service of Bingo guidelines.

Bingo hard, bingo fair but don't let the game of Bingo play you.

Copious amounts of fun will be served on the night, make sure you are part of it.


Venue - Our Lady of Mount Carmel Primary School - Norfolk St, Coorparoo

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