1. February 2024

    1. Thu 29

      Hookin2Hockey Session 4 (Graceville Memorial Oval)

      5:00 PM to 5:45 PM
    2. Thu 29

      Junior Grass (U12, U14, JG) Training commences

      5:30 PM to 7:00 PM
  2. March 2024

    1. Thu 07

      U7 and U9 Grass training commences

      5:30 PM to 6:45 PM
    2. Sun 17

      U14 Development Clinic 1 (BWHA - State Hockey Centre)

      7:00 AM to 11:00 AM
    3. Sun 24

      U14 Development Clinic 2 (BWHA - State Hockey Centre)

      7:00 AM to 11:00 AM
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Season 2024

Season 2024

Event Dates

StartSunday 7 January 2024

FinishTuesday 31 December 2024

Registration Dates

OpenTuesday 23 January 2024

CloseSaturday 31 August 2024

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On behalf of South West United Hockey Club - welcome to the 2024 Field Hockey Season! It's going to be another exciting year for SWU so sign up and join in the fun.

Our club fields team in both the male and female hockey competitions run by the Brisbane Hockey Association and Brisbane Womens Hockey Association. We have Turf and Grass teams that suit all ages and abilities from 5 yrs onward. We look forward to your participation in 2024

South West also offers discounts, please see our Discount Fees page for more information: https://www.southwestunitedhockey.org.au/wspDiscountFees.aspx

Remember to enable the Family Discount, ensure the Primary Contact and/or Emergency contact is the Senior Player(s) registered during registration (if the Parent(s) + Children option is used for the discount).

Please note that a separate Hockey Queensland (HQ) registration is required. The link should pop up at the end of your SWU registration. However, if it doesn't here is the link: https://www.revolutionise.com.au/swuhc/registration/

It is essential that the Hockey Qld registration is completed to make sure that you have insurance cover when playing. Failure to complete the Hockey Qld registration will prevent you from taking the field for season games and training.


    • Girls and Boys Under 7s and Under 9s (mixed teams)
    • 160 U7 Rookey
    • 160 U9 Rookey
    • Girls/Womens Season
    • 280 Under 12 & 14 Girls (Grass)
    • 330 JG Girls (Grass)
    • 0 Girls Junior Turf U13 (Transition from Grass)
    • 700 Girls U13 Turf
    • 700 Girls Junior Turf
    • 550 Girls Junior & Senior Grass
    • 1,150 Girls Junior & Senior Turf
    • 680 Ladies Masters
    • 275 Ladies Masters Casual - 5 Games
    • 435 Ladies Masters Casual - 10 Games
    • 870 Ladies Senior Turf
    • 460 Ladies Senior Grass
    • 1,100 Ladies Senior Turf & Grass
    • 880 Ladies Senior Grass & Masters
    • 1,300 Ladies Senior Turf & Masters
    • 360 Ladies Turf Casual - Up to 5 Games
    • 560 Ladies Turf Casual - Up to 10 Games
    • 180 Ladies Grass Casual - Up to 5 Games
    • 270 Ladies Grass Casual - Up to 10 Games
    • 1,600 Ladies – Playing in 3 Competitions
    • Boys/Mens Season
    • 250 Boys U12 (Grass)
    • 500 Boys U14 Turf
    • 600 Boys U18 Turf
    • 1,115 Boys Junior & Senior Turf
    • 750 Mens Masters (Turf - Tuesday nights)
    • 0 Casual 5 Games Masters
    • 0 Casual 10 Games Masters
    • 925 Mens Senior Turf
    • 1,150 Mens Senior Turf and Masters
    • 365 Mens Senior Casual - 5 games
    • 565 Mens Senior Casual - 10 games
    • Non-Playing Member
    • 20 Non-Playing Member

We offer the following payment options:
Credit / Debit CardPayment Plan, Bank Transfer, Eftpos

South West United Hockey Club would like to thank Officeworks Oxley for their sponsorship.
Officeworks Oxley
Web www.officeworks.com.au
Phone (07) 3716 2600

Terms and conditions

  • Please review our Code of Conduct(s) and Conditions

    Please note that the Registration Fees included on this registration EXCLUDE the Hockey Queensland Levy. This Levy is $39.81 for Under 7s/9s, $90.81 10-18 Years, $120.81 Senior Student 19-24 Years, $151.81 Senior Player. I will pay this via the online registration portal found at:- https://www.revolutionise.com.au/swuhc/registration/

    Please review our Code of Conduct(s) and Conditions

    By signing/submitting this application in full, I hereby:

    1. Agree to apply for membership (parents/guardians of U18's receive 1 vote per player at the Club AGM)
    2. Authorise any Club Official or Club Member to arrange any medical attention my child may require as a result of sickness or injury incurred by them, during any warm-up, match, warm-down, training exercises or Club event that has been organised by the Club, its officials or other Club members. I also indemnify the Club, its officers and members against any claim of responsibility in the event of any injury or loss suffered by me or my child (if the player is under 18), during any warm-up, match, warm-down, training exercises or Club event that has been organised by the Club, its officials or other Club members.
    3. Agree to provide Club officials with all relevant medical history, informing the Club of any restrictions/medical conditions that would be considered important for the Club to know.
    4. Agree to pay my fees and/or my child's fees as per the fee schedule contained in this registration process. Fees are payable in up to four installments, with the final payment due prior to 31st May 2024
    5. Agree to wear the Club uniform, including purchase of any required items
    6. Agree to observe and abide by the Clubs policies, rules and procedures, as well as directions offered by Club officials. This includes our Code of Conduct for Players, Parents, Coaches and Officials, plus policies of BHA / BWHA, Hockey Qld and Hockey Aust.
    By registering, and to allow SWU to comply with privacy legislation, I also hereby give permission for the Club to:
     Display my contact details on the Club Website and/or Club newsletter if I hold a position of manager or team coach.