Our Committee

2022 Comittee

The South West United Hockey club would like to thank all the committee members and volunteers that dedicate their time. The Club understands that the volunteers are the lifeblood of the South West United Hockey Club and without their commitment the club simply would not function/exist. So thank you to all the dedicated parents, grandparents, carers, and others.

There are still several vacant positions, so please contact the president if you'd be interested in helping out the Club. Every role at the South West United Hockey Club is flexible, some requiring under an hour per week and others once every few weeks or just for pre- or postseason. Certain roles can even be shared with other players/parents, so feel free to hit up your mates/significant other/s and share the load. Depending on the role you nominate for, it may require your time at training sessions, games, and meetings, while others can be done by phone/email. There are countless people from the Club as well that can be used as a great resource to assist you.

Club Committee

President: Angela Lindop
Vice President: Riaan Retief
Secretary: Gillian Henschke
Treasurer: Clair Weatherall and Grace Weatherall
Uniform Co-ordinate: Sue-Ellen Lockwood
Historian: Russell Tuck
Equipment Co-ordinator: Tim Reeve
Member Protection Officer: Wendy Stephen
Men's Co-ordinators: David Cole, Riaan Retief, and James Mount
Website Co-ordinator: James Mount
50th Year Celebration Gala Co-ordinator: Lucy Rogers
Fundraising Co-ordinators: Vacant (ideal for a few people to work together and share the load)
      • Cake Stall: Vacant
      • Sponsorship: Vacant
      • Raffle: Vacant
Social Media / Publicity Officers: Vacant

Women's Sub-Committee 

Junior Registrar: Mandy Barnett
Senior Registrar: Amanda Hannaford
Junior Turf Co-ordinator: Vacant (role is generally busiest for preseason but, once fixtures are up and running the coaches, and managers are sorted then the role quietens down considerably)
Junior Grass Co-ordinators: Katy Kemlo and Sarah McCarthy
Senior Turf Co-ordinator: Chloe Warren
Senior Grass Co-ordinator: Maree Whitchurch
Umpiring Co-ordinator Senior and Junior Turf: Ariana Gough
Umpiring Co-ordinator Junior Grass: Vacant (15 minutes to 1 hour max per week throughout the season)
Umpiring Co-ordinator Senior Grass: Maree Whitchurch

South West United is a Get Going Club
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